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Budget Building: Episode 7 - Puca's Pacifier by Kevin Weber
Deep in the backwoods of Jank County lives a cheap $20 deck that scraped a 10-5 record (5-1 in matches) against some decent tourney decks. Great for anyone looking for a deck well off the beaten path.
Orginally published 10/23/2008
Vintage Analyzing Silver Bullets through Ballistics: Part 2 Rise of the Machines by Jostin Rodriguez
The Vintage scene has changed dramatically since my last Vintage article, written almost three years ago. Wizards has finally given us insight on how they see the format
Orginally published 8/24/2011
The Art of Casual Monoblack Beatdown-Control by Scott
Monoblack, love it or hate it, or learn to play it. Casual style! (Insert witty rhyme here.)
Orginally published 12/28/2009
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Combo of the Day
Lich's Mirror Buy + Lich Buy + Donate Buy
Have Lich's Mirror and Lich on the table then Donate the Lich to your opponent. The Donate causes your Lich to not be protecting you from having 0 life which tries to end the game for you but the Lich's Mirror saves you and shuffles the Lich, that is now under your opponents control,into your library thereby causing them to lose.
Posted by unseenmage
Rating: (10)
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Theros has brought Gods into our planes. What is the best God/Legendary artifact combo?
Heliod, God of the Sun - Spear of Heliod
Thassa, God of the Sea - Bident of Thassa
Erebos, God of the Dead - Whip of Erebos
Purphoros, God of the Forge - Hammer of Purphoros
Nylea, God of the Hunt - Bow of Nylea
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