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So you want to play in a Magic tourney… by Steve Davis
Playing in your first Magic tournament can be a scary and daunting experience. As a player, judge, and tournament organizer, here is some advice for new (and old) tourney players that can be helpful.
Orginally published 5/14/2008
Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks by Saran Ekambaram
What is it like when a new player plays a Magic: The Gathering veteran? After fifteen years of playing the game, I discover that I still have a very important lesson to learn about the game.
Orginally published 8/23/2010
Aggro Building for Beginners by Trikon
For an aggro deck attack power is the most important thing on a creature. You are trying to bring your opponents life to zero fast so having a higher attack is more important. Evasion is really good, but usually when it comes to sacrificing attack for evasion, it’s just not worth it. This is why Savannah Lions is better than suntail hawk in an aggro deck most of the time.
Orginally published 3/30/2009
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Combo of the Day
Door of Destinies Buy + Boggart Birth Rite Buy + Boggart Birth Rite Buy
Have Door of Destinies Buy out naming goblins. Have the first Boggart Birth Rite Buy in the graveyard and cast the other, retrieving the first. Repeat for as much black mana you have with your Goblins getting bigger every time. Credit goes to my friend J.
Posted by danno25002
Rating: (14)
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Nekusar, the Mindrazer EDH Colorless Blue Black Red
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Heliod, God of the Sun - Spear of Heliod
Thassa, God of the Sea - Bident of Thassa
Erebos, God of the Dead - Whip of Erebos
Purphoros, God of the Forge - Hammer of Purphoros
Nylea, God of the Hunt - Bow of Nylea
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