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Bluffing, Lying, and Playing Your Opponent by Onikage
Anyone who has ever played poker can understand this. Playing your opponent comes in the form of mind games, bluffing, and sometimes just plain lying (without breaking the rules) to gain any advantage.
Orginally published 11/2/2009
My experience as a gamer's girlfriend by Teshii
Hi, my name is Teshi! Iíve only been playing Magic for 8 months now. And yes, I started playing it because my boyfriend decided to teach me.
Orginally published 10/29/2010
Card Advantage: The Most Understood Concept in Magic by Jeff Fullmer
I have found that beginners generally underestimate the impact card advantage has on the game and expert players usually overestimate the impact of one type of card advantage (simple card advantage)
Orginally published 3/23/2009
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Combo of the Day
Second Sunrise Buy + Eternal Witness Buy + Spitting Spider Buy
also needs something to repeatedly or permanently give witness flying. i suggest neurok hoversail to stay type 2. there are a few other possibilities.
tap 6 lands. equip hoversail to witness. sac all lands to spider, killing
witness. play second sunrise, 1 mana floating. return witness. get back second sunrise. repeat.
if u want 3 cards, replace hoversail and spider with mon's goblin waiters Happy

Posted by evileskimocal
Rating: (16)
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