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Tips and Tricks for Beginners by Kevin Weber
Orginally published 7/24/2006
The Stack and Priority by Kevin Weber
Need to know what the Stack and what Priority are? Or feeling up to learning a few subtle ways they can be harnessed that most advanced players haven't considered? Quiz included.
Orginally published 6/16/2008
Player Interactivity by Saran Ekambaram
Is anyone else tired of playing games that offer no interaction between players? I am speaking of a big trend that has been around too long in magic. There are far too many decks out there that take the concept of winning as a direct translation to cutting off all interaction between players in a game.
Orginally published 8/20/2007
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Combo of the Day
Curiosity Buy + Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind Buy
Put Curiosity on Niv-Mizzet. Then draw a card and win. You'll need at least 20 cards in your library to do this without decking yourself, though. Remember, card drawing with curiosity is OPTIONAL. You don't have to deck yourself if you don't want to (IE: In 4 player games)

Yes, I realize this combo isn't all that original and it was posted about eigth million times on various forums. Still, SOMEONE had to post it.

Posted by Nagna Zul
Rating: (16)
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