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Shaking up the Metagame by Demonauel_Sedai
Are you tired of seeing the same decks played the same way by the same people every time you play with your friends? Do you wish there was a way to make things a little more interesting for everyone? Well, there is! Shake up the metagame!
Orginally published 8/27/2007
Luck vs Skill, Power vs Consistency, and Draft Archetypes by Kevin Weber
This article is possibly going to offend some people. I've noticed some magic players - particularly experienced ones - approach the game from the perspective of it being a contest of skills. In fact, some are quite outspoken about luck being too integral to the game.
Orginally published 4/2/2007
The Art of Legacy Burn by Cody L Locy
Explosive games, fast damage, and not a care in the world, this is Red Burn. A deck archetype that has never and will never seemed to burn out from the competition, Wizards willing.
Orginally published 11/12/2013
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Combo of the Day
Karn Liberated Buy + Barren Glory Buy
Exile Barren Glory with Karn, then activate his ultimate.
When the game is restarted, mulligan down to 0 cards in hand
with Barren Glory in play.

Convoluted, but I think it works.

Posted by BardGaijin
Rating: (13)
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