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In Response, Vol. 1: The Fine Line between Synergy and Combo by simondiamond2012
This article hopes to address the difference, in the author's opinion, between synergy and combo, based on the author's experience of game play. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged.
Orginally published 1/16/2014
Color Wars by svl7786
One of the problems we always seemed to run into while playing is that no one seems to initiate action, we just go around and build our creatures up until they are so powerful, when that one big combat phase does come, it takes an hour just to do the math.
Orginally published 7/9/2007
Classroom X by MTGXman
Classroom X. You'll wish you went to school here.
Orginally published 2/3/2009
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Not sure if the effecs resolve like I think. "JUDGE!"
I think you can make the tokens for each damage then sacrifice them.

Posted by OmegaRed24
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