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eM's Advanced Card Search was one of the first MTG card search engines, and we believe to be the most powerful available since inception. Heck, who needs humility?
Advice for newbie deck-builders by Brian Holland
A few things for newbie deck-builders to remember and what NOT to do when a new set comes out.
Orginally published 1/26/2010
For The Old School Magic Player by Saran Ekambaram
Magic is about more than just numbers and damage and phases and the stack. Aside from all the rules and mechanics, we play the game because of the way it makes us feel. Mostly, the majority of us play because it makes us feel happy or like we are having fun. If not for how the game makes us feel, what point is there in playing at all? Would we really be playing if it made us feel like garbage?
Orginally published 2/5/2007
Locus of Control by Kevin Weber
I finally realized why I'm a better Magic player than the others at the coffeeshop. And it has nothing to do with fundamentals or tactics. It's something much simpler.
Orginally published 4/21/2009
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Combo of the Day
Sundial of the Infinite Buy + Glimmerpoint Stag Buy + Mimic Vat Buy
With Glimmerpoint Stag Buy imprinted onto Mimic Vat Buy and Sundial of the Infinite Buy in play, copy the stag to exile an opponent's permanent, and then end the turn before the begining of the end step. The result is {4} remove any permanent from the game, and keep the copy of the stag, which has haste.

Oh yeah, and it's type 2 legal.

Posted by pgs2011
Rating: (10)
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