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Q: Further explanation?

A: The paragraph beginning with "When Gaea's Blessing Buy" is a triggered ability that triggers when Gaea's Blessing Buy changes zones from your library to your graveyard by any means. This includes Oath of Druids Buy, Millstone Buy, Intuition Buy, and other cards with similar effect.

In the case of Oath of Druids Buy, all of the cards "milled" by Oath of Druids Buy are put into the graveyard at the same time. This means that it is entirely possible for a player to put his/her entire library into his/her graveyard, shuffle all the cards in his/her graveyard (the player really no longer has a library), and then have a restored library. In the case of this triggered ability combined with Planar Void Buy since both Planar Void Buy and Gaea's Blessing Buy generate triggered abilities, it depends on whose turn is currently underway. If it is your turn and you control a Gaea's Blessing Buy trigger and an opponent controls Planar Void Buy, Gaea's Blessing Buy's triggered ability will go onto the stack first due to the fact that you are the active player, then Planar Void Buy's triggered ability will go onto the stack. Thus, your Gaea's Blessing Buy and everything else that went to the graveyard with it will be removed from the game.

Rulings Official Card Rulings (Current as of 1/16/2004)

  • It targets the player and each of the cards. Thus, it is only a "spell with one target" if you choose to target zero cards. [DeLaney 1997/09/08]
  • If Gaea's Blessing is moved into the graveyard by an effect, it is dealt with as a triggered ability. This means you wait for the next appropriate time before shuffling your graveyard into your library. For Millstone Buy, it means you put both cards in at once, so it does not matter whether the Gaea's Blessing was the first or second card. [bethmo 1997/11/09]
  • Does not trigger the "if moved to the graveyard" ability if this card is discarded from your hand. [D'Angelo 1997/11/28]
  • It does trigger on Intuition Buy. [D'Angelo 1997/12/01] Or anything else that puts cards into your graveyard directly from your library.
  • When played as a spell, you cannot choose this card as one of the targets. This is because you choose the targets when announcing this spell, and this spell does not go to the graveyard until after it resolves. [D'Angelo 1998/06/09]

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