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Rulings Official Card Rulings (Current as of 1/16/2004)

  • You can arrange your cards any time before the Orb is put into play, but not after. [Snark 1993/11/01] In general, you should not stack cards or put them in places where your opponent cannot read the names of all of them or count them. This is recommended good gaming practice. [Aahz 1994/12/03]
  • You cannot interfere in any physical way with the playing of this card. [PPG Page 221]
  • It must flip 360 degrees (that's what "flip entirely" means). [FAQ 1994/04/01] And this flip must be in the air and not in your hand.
  • "Cards it lands on" refers to cards it touches once it stops moving. [Snark 1993/11/01]
  • If the Orb does not touch a card because a token is between them, the Orb counts as not touching the card. [bethmo 1994/06/01] Same goes if there are cards stacked up. If the card is not touched, it is not destroyed. Note that only counters and tokens placed in play because of the game count for this. "Tapping" stones and any other markers you have in play should be taken out of the way before using the Orb. [Aahz 1995/02/09]
  • If you have sleeves on cards, they count as the cards. [bethmo 1994/08/01]
  • Can only affect cards that are in play. Cards that are in the game but not in play (such as the Library and Graveyard) or cards that are held out of play by such effects as Oubliette Buy and Tawnos's Coffin Buy cannot be affected. [D'Angelo 1994/06/01]
  • This is a not a targeted ability. [bethmo 1994/06/01]
  • Even if your hand is face up on the table due to an effect like Revelation Buy, cards in the hand are not considered "in play" and will not be affected by the Orb. [Aahz 1995/04/17]
  • Ripping the Chaos Orb into confetti and then scattering it (as each piece flops 360 degrees) across your opponent's cards was ruled legal at one time, but it was suggested that this strategy not be allowed in the final round of a tournament. [bethmo 1994/10/01] This ruling is mostly humorous in value. You are very unlikely to get WotC or a NetRep to back this one, but I'm listing it because it is funny. Also, note that if you remove a card from your deck during a tournament then you are disqualified. You cannot remove or shred one of your opponent's cards.
  • Type 1 tournaments (see Ruling 801) have banned this card since 1995/11/01. It was previously restricted from 1994/08/01 to 1995/11/01.
  • Type 1.5 tournaments (see Ruling 802) have always banned this card.
  • Extended tournaments (see Ruling 803) have always banned this card.
  • Standard (Type 2) tournaments (see Ruling 804) have always banned this card.
  • Note - It is an "Artifact" and not a "Mono Artifact". [Oracle 1999/09/03]

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