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Infinite tokens, mana, and reanimate
Horde of Notions Buy + Phyrexian Altar Buy + Avenger of Zendikar Buy
Have Horde of Notions and Phyrexian Altar in play, and at least 5 lands. Play Avenger of Zendikar.

Now you can sac the avenger + tokens to the altar for infinite colored mana, infinte plant tokens, and use the mana and the horde to bring all your elementals to play.
(Submitted by Dr. DOOM)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(3)   
Strong Tokens for Life Gain Decks
Angelic Accord Buy + Cradle of Vitality Buy
Combine permanent enchantments Angelic Accord and Cradle of Vitality to fill the battlefield with flying angel tokens which increase in strength each time you gain life (as long as you pay the manna)
(Submitted by KageVaikus)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(1)   
Who like Pauper Combos?
Zhur-Taa Druid Buy + Immobilizing Ink Buy + Ophidian Eye Buy
I am laze to explain...
(Submitted by Valdelino_PHB)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(3)   
Worldspine Population
Worldspine Wurm Buy + Mimic Vat Buy + Trostani, Selesnya's Voice Buy
Get a Worldspine Wurm Buy onto the battlefield, then when it dies imprint it on Mimic Vat Buy. Put a token into play, then use anything with an instant populate effect like Trostani, Selesnya's Voice Buy to keep a permanent copy of it for more population, except the token copies will now have haste too Happy Not the most killer combo ever, but I like to have lots of big creatures Happy
(Submitted by Tribelord Freyalise)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(1)   
Damage cant kill them
Rite of Passage Buy + Spirit en-Kor Buy
Nobody posted it so far, so i am not sure, whether it works: all damage to en-Kor-creatures can be redirected to themself. So - as long the toughness is 2 or grater - the en-Kor-creature can't be killed by damage. It only grows!
(Submitted by Putzick)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(1)   
Mental Breakdown
Traumatize Buy + Codex Shredder Buy + Archaeomancer Buy
Play Traumatize for half of your opponent's deck. Next turn, or whenever you have enough mana sacrifice codex shredder or play archaeomancer (or any other card that can bring back a card) to get traumatize back, get rid of half of there deck again (total 3/4) rinse and repeat.
(If your opponent has a 60 card deck, then absolute best case scenario he will only have 5 cards in his library after playing traumatize three times.)
(Submitted by zataro8)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(0)   
Poor Man's Desertion
Deadeye Navigator Buy + Venser, Shaper Savant Buy + Perplexing Chimera Buy
To take full advantage of this interaction, it's highly suggested that either Vedalken Orrery Buy or Leyline of Anticipation Buy be also on the field as well.

Net result...

5UU: Gain control of target spell and return Perplexing Chimera to its owners' hand.

Credit to Brute Conquest for posting "Perplexing Witchcraft", which this interaction hopes to improve upon.
(Submitted by simondiamond2012)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(2)   
Malignus Buy + Quest for Pure Flame Buy + Soul's Fire Buy
Have enough counters to sac quest for pure flame to deal double damage, attack, cast soul's fire on another opponent with less or equal life...take out two opponents at once. Add in a whispersilk cloak if you like, damage cannot be prevented. Throw in something to copy soul's fire to take out 3 opponents of any life total in one turn. Mono could happen. Happy Good for casual or commander.
(Submitted by antithetical1)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(0)   
Winning passively
Azor's Elocutors Buy + Paradox Haze Buy + Circle of Protection: Black Buy
using Paradox on yourself will put two filibuster counters on Azor's Elocutors every turn instead of one, cutting your opponents turns before defeat even further. Using any circle of protection in order to prevent any damage your opponent can throw at you to prevent losing those precious counters.
(Submitted by zataro8)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(2)   
Marath (EDH) Mana Combo: One of Many
Marath, Will of the Wild Buy + Earthcraft Buy + Ashnod's Altar Buy
Have all three in play, Marath as your EDH-Commander.
1. Create 1/1 tokens, tap to Earthcraft Buy
2. Create more tokens
3, Empty and earthcraft Marath, Will of the Wild Buy
4. Sac Marath and enough of the tokens (mana)
5. Recast Marath for +{2} more (EDH Rule)
6. Repeat

This combo requires one basic forest+island+plains.
There are a TON of combos using Marath. Mana Echoes Buy, Cathars' Crusade Buy, Doubling Season Buy , etc.
(Submitted by Demonico)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(3)   

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