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Human Pin Cushion??
Leyline of Punishment Buy + Transcendence Buy
Use your favorite life-drain source to go for the kill.

Moltensteel Dragon comes to mind...

Drain Life without the fear of killing yourself.

etc. etc.

Just make sure you're below 20 life before pulling this off. Or have Platinum Angel out. Either way works.
(Submitted by simondiamond2012)  Card/Deck Synergy  Rating:(2)   
Pauper Standard!
Midnight Guard Buy + Ornithopter Buy + Retraction Helix Buy
i already posted this before, it will now be in pauper standard for the future.

Infinite Comes into Play - You need a when a creature comes into play effect to abuse
(Submitted by Geoff218)  Card/Deck Synergy  Rating:(1)   
Adios Amigos
Perilous Vault Buy + Sudden Disappearance Buy
Play the sorcery and then the Vault and it's ability.

So it's:

{W}(14): Exile all nonland permanents you don't control.

It's splashable but needs a ton of mana, so best play this in fast mana generating and/or artifact-decks.
(Submitted by conjo)  Card/Deck Synergy  Rating:(2)   
Waste Not, Want Not (version 2)
Jace's Archivist Buy + Intruder Alarm Buy + Waste Not Buy
As long as you get a creature discarded from your opponent's hand, Archivist will untap due to the token ETB'ing.

Keep going for however much blue mana you have.

For Funzies, though it would require a fourth card, you could throw in Living Plane Buy, or Silver Myr Buy, and go infinite mill.

EDIT: To stay in two colors, add in Silver Myr Buy, and use the myr's mana for Jace's Archivist.

Just make sure you have an Eldrazi in the deck so you don't deck out.
(Submitted by simondiamond2012)  Card/Deck Synergy  Rating:(3)   
Waste Not, Want Not
Waste Not Buy + Windfall Buy
Windfall can be subbed for Wheel of Fortune Buy or Wheel of Fate Buy... Any mass 'WHEEL' effect, that causes discard and draw.

You dump their hands.

You make stuff, draw stuff, and get plenty of {B}{B}{B}{B}{B}.

And they still get to draw cards, adding more fuel for Waste Not. =P

Playable by Turn 3, main phase 1.

Use with Nekuzar for extra damage and flavor. =P

To be a real prick, throw in Notion Thief.

Maybe Mycosynth Lattice for mana fixing?? =P
(Submitted by simondiamond2012)  Card/Deck Synergy  Rating:(6)   
The Revenge of Captain Obvious
Tidespout Tyrant Buy + Stasis Buy + Leyline of Anticipation Buy
At the end of opponent's turn, just before your turn, play something and bounce Stasis to hand to overcome the drawback of Stasis.

Then replay Stasis on your turn.

There's cheaper Stasis combos, but they've been done before. This one gives you a beatstick that flies.

Turnabout Buy, or Mana Short Buy FTW, anyone?

(Submitted by simondiamond2012)  Card/Deck Synergy  Rating:(0)   
Necroskitter Buy + Harbinger of Night Buy + Melira, Sylvok Outcast Buy
Fun :-) What do you think of these three cards together?Is this even a combo?
(Submitted by lazyboydigi)  Card/Deck Synergy  Rating:(1)   
Where's Your Wincon?
Selective Memory Buy + Abundance Buy + Beacon of Tomorrows Buy
After acquiring your win-con, in hand, put Abundance on the field.
Then, play selective memory, removing all nonland cards except for Beacon.
Next turn, call for a non land card off of abundance, pulling Beacon.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Result: infinite turns.

Side effect: Never deck out intentionally.
(Submitted by simondiamond2012)  Card/Deck Synergy  Rating:(3)   
Too much
Ob Nixilis, Unshackled Buy + Ob Nixilis, the Fallen Buy + Collective Voyage Buy
Too much mana for a vintage strat
(Submitted by MagestoneMagus)  Card/Deck Synergy  Rating:(4)   
New World Order
Soul of New Phyrexia Buy + Whispersilk Cloak Buy + Worldslayer Buy
Equip Soul with cloak and slayer.
{5}: Attack! Destroy all permanents you don't control.
(Submitted by conjo)  Card/Deck Synergy  Rating:(3)   

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