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Intruder Alarm Buy + Myr Turbine Buy + Ensoul Artifact Buy
Have Alarm and Turbine in play. Enchant Turbine and make trillion 1/1 myr-tokens and tap them to search trough your whole deck and put all myrs into play.
(Submitted by conjo)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(2)   
Tidespout Tyrant Buy + Clone Buy + Ornithopter Buy
Get tidespout tyrant into play.Clone the Tidespout Tyrant.Cast your ornithopter returning the orniththopter over and over again returning all your opponent's perminates to their hand.You can use Braids Conjurer Adept to get the Tidespout Tyrant out early.
(Submitted by lazyboydigi)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(1)   
Sharing is Caring
Legerdemain Buy + Bronze Bombshell Buy
Have the bronze bombshell in play then cast legerdemain.Your opponent gets the bronze bombshell it dies and they take 7.You get their creature with legerdemain...Sweet Candy Baby!
(Submitted by lazyboydigi)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(1)   
I got something for that...
Goblin Rabblemaster Buy + Jalira, Master Polymorphist Buy
So Goblin Rabble master makes a token. In response before blockers declared, sack the token to Jalira, and chances are you just morphed that wimpy goblin that was going to die anyway into something like a 4/4 flyer or maybe a kraken. Teehee. Enjoy.
(Submitted by gemyniraptorengine86)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(2)   
Can I borrow this...
Raise the Alarm Buy + Triplicate Spirits Buy + Endless Obedience Buy
Play raise the alarm, convoke to get triplicate spirits out and convoke them to grab something sweet from a graveyard. Get a wall of creatures out plus something nice for your trouble for half the mana cost. I did this in a tourney game to snag a dragon from an opponents graveyard.
(Submitted by gemyniraptorengine86)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(0)   
2 for 1 deal
Satyr Firedancer Buy + Searing Blood Buy
Have Satyr Fire Dancer out, tag one critter with Searing Blood that will die, deal 3 dmg to the player and then blow something else up using Satyr for 3.
(Submitted by gemyniraptorengine86)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(0)   
Deadly combo
Sedge Scorpion Buy + Indestructibility Buy + Lure Buy
Cheap creature kill
(Submitted by grantrbanks)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(0)   
Repeatable Bounce
Peel from Reality Buy + Mnemonic Wall Buy
Because i am using only pauper standard commons it makes it pretty hard to find strong combo's. The combo's that win in pauper standard many people will just class as strong synergy.

This I discovered, it will be around a while, I like it.
With a good mana base in mono blue late game.
(Submitted by Geoff218)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(0)   
Modern R/W Control Magic
Act of Treason Buy + Cloudshift Buy
Act of Treason Buy and then Cloudshift Buy it before you would give their creature back to keep it forever! Just 4 mana!
(Submitted by LostWolf725)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(0)   
Sucker Punch (karn liberated restart engine)
Karn Liberated Buy + The Chain Veil Buy + Doubling Season Buy
Best done in a simic variant deck, but any green variant deck with access to mana also works.

Drop chain veil and doubling season first, then Karn, Liberated.

Exile your wincon, activate Chain Veil, then ult Karn.

insert your favorite wincon here...
kozilek, ulamog, emrakul, blightsteel, barren glory (for laughs), etc.

Interaction is modern legal, and can be supported via R/G Tron Decks.
(Submitted by simondiamond2012)  (Has not been evaluated by a Guru yet)  Rating:(0)   

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