Recent Vintage Decks

Most recently added or edited decks, marked with this "intended" format, and automatically determined to be format legal.

Deck Name Colors Submitted By Rating
AppfacetimemobilcastopuspayQiYcla$$icergoidopad7 Colorless Blue Red shangtiwu (0)
4578JustindunecertficatesageS8IDCVandroidgraphe Colorless Black shangtiwu (0)
OrhanchiSpidermosquicHecsoyawingduckMarmitton? Colorless Black shangtiwu (0)
Constantinepsyfacetimloodcanada2006unesco2027water Colorless Black shangtiwu (0)
[Ping + Control] Stone Stare Blue Red Toots (6)
[UW control] Justice White Blue Toots (0)
Noblmerpyulawcartechwf15onergochair2*polymerexxon Colorless Blue Red shangtiwu (0)
PaulcrashtaxsalempunziiddickjesusinjudaManfromnowh Red shangtiwu (0)
-+$NortonroPierredumazonyogawatchmilkBeaNpathology Colorless Blue Red shangtiwu (0)
savourabottle,20202ogardenpalmobiocycle27idotLuxUV Colorless Blue Red Green shangtiwu (0)
[Ramp] Titans Black Green Toots (1)
[Heartless Summoning] Death Magic Blue Black Toots (0)
Draw and Cast! Blue Red Rico (1)
[Aggro] Security Breach White Blue Green Toots (0)
[Recurrence] Vile Emergence Black Green Toots (0)
[Defense of the Heart] Super Summons White Red Green Toots (0)
[Stealing] Power Hungry Red Green Toots (0)
[Devotion] Dark Devotion Black Toots (0)
[Whip] Collateral Damage White Black Red Toots (0)
[Survival] Desperation Black Green Toots (0)
[+1/+1 counters] Black Rose Blue Black Red Green Toots (0)
[Soul Sisters] Soul Search White Black Toots (1)
Siren's Tangle Blue Black Ghoul_Legion (0)
Bmolaireshadowleswordstuparrest$rampalobsa1987 Black shangtiwu (0)
Cpadtamp+Mac$69C5taxhqmaillapplegLRiBaillonclassic Colorless White Black shangtiwu (0)
let's play a game. Colorless Blue Red Disenchant (0)
WSC UBr Colorless Blue Black Red Womp (0)
Painful Introductions Blue Black Unicron (5)
[Possibility Storm] Angelic Storm White Red Toots (0)
typical reanimate stuff Black LDS3 (0)
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