Recent Vintage Decks

Most recently added or edited decks, marked with this "intended" format, and automatically determined to be format legal.

Deck Name Colors Submitted By Rating
verificationcparadiTHQmedEegscientalhousefeeneed$? Colorless Blue Red shangtiwu (0)
Justintbellegurupaulactivichinarussiausafrpsyaller Colorless Blue Red shangtiwu (0)
2HG Rock White Black Green mini_cow (0)
ermergigcnrss7pmworthcpafRauDtaxMagicAskradioNote Colorless Blue Green shangtiwu (0)
bankrecyclapp2usb8machromesurveyqi2lightningrevers Colorless Black shangtiwu (0)
readlobsangrampajudgeeconoplanetlithiumfooDnotepla Colorless Black shangtiwu (0)
Tamanoa White Red Green latinthunder (0)
Dragons Colorless Red latinthunder (0)
Affinity Colorless Blue Black latinthunder (2)
Sunburst to Nothingness Colorless White Blue Black Red Green latinthunder (0)
Augury Adept White Blue latinthunder (1)
EcoTechcasrepiceryhousefeeNewsweekLeglivrearcheolo Colorless White Blue Red shangtiwu (0)
Type I White Blue Black Red Green Mana King (0)
shitakevinaigrettebambooduckwineidonoelawluneOrsi$ White Black shangtiwu (0)
2027ExscientalUxbadtricksalemagiciautocadesignpr Colorless Black shangtiwu (0)
baillongurudictcourtoutrage911painhookshopEeglawja Colorless Blue Red shangtiwu (4)
Gustha's misuse Colorless Blue Black Red Rico (0)
Paulcrashtaxcworkyeasnakegoddesspigwwfpandamix$? Red shangtiwu (0)
Sidisi delves - R8 Colorless Blue Black Green Inglewood (0)
Let’s call it a Draw - R8 Colorless Blue Black Red Inglewood (0)
hookcitynortonbrosslaval911HEC3truthoutragecourtsu Colorless Blue Black shangtiwu (0)
Phoenix Rising V3 Colorless Red rutteger (0)
Humility Colorless White Black rutteger (0)
POWER9LESS-T1-STASIS-DECK Colorless Blue Deathstar Inc (8)
5 colored, 75 card, "bear" deck Colorless White Black Red Green Deathstar Inc (0)
U/B Manipulation Blue Black infiniteshame (0)
langagcolorsaqpaletteNeedleseaweedqcposologybenyli Colorless Blue Red Green shangtiwu (0)
Young Pyromancer Season Red Green Wickedjester24 (0)
Cycletron Colorless White Red Green Wickedjester24 (0)
LeStat Is Gay Black BombingCarpets (0)
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