Recent Championship Decks

Most recently added or edited decks, marked with this "intended" format, and automatically determined to be format legal.

Deck Name Colors Submitted By Rating
2011 Worlds: World Champion Wolf Run Ramp Red Green Jun'ya Iyanaga (Championship) (0)
2010 Worlds: World Champion Blue-Black Control Blue Black Guillaume Matignon (Championship) (0)
2009 Worlds: World Champion Naya Lightsaber White Red Green André Coimbra (Championship) (0)
2008 Worlds: World Champion Faeries Blue Black Antti Malin (Championship) (0)
2007 Worlds: World Champion Black Green Uri Peleg (Championship) (7)
2007 Worlds: Runner up Red Patrick Chapin (Championship) (4)
2007 Worlds: Semi-Finalist Mannequin Blue Black Kotaro Otsuka (Championship) (3)
2007 Worlds: Semi-Finalist Red Gabriel Nassif (Championship) (2)
Champs 2006: Mississippi 1st Place White Red John McCollum (Championship) (0)
Champs 2006: Tennessee 1st Place White Blue Black Dashaud Moore (Championship) (1)
Champs 2006: Kentucky 1st Place Blue Red Andy Nelms (Championship) (0)
Champs 2006: Indiana 1st Place White Black Robert Kadlec (Championship) (0)
Champs 2006: Michigan 1st Place White Blue Black Kyle Boggemes (Championship) (1)
Champs 2006: Alabama 1st Place White Green Travis Hall (Championship) (0)
Champs 2006: Florida 1st Place White Green Julian Delossantos (Championship) (0)
Champs 2006: Georgia 1st Place White Blue Black Bo Stinnett (Championship) (1)
Champs 2006: South Carolina 1st Place Blue Jonathan Young (Championship) (0)
Champs 2006: North Carolina 1st Place Green Jordan Parsons (Championship) (0)
Champs 2006: Virginia 1st Place White Green Kenny Mayer (Championship) (0)
Champs 2006: West Virginia 1st Place White Blue Red Ben Angel (Championship) (0)
Champs 2006: Ohio 1st Place White Blue Matt Leclaire (Championship) (1)
Champs 2006: South Dakota 1st Place White Blue Chad Thoreson (Championship) (1)
Champs 2006: North Dakota 1st Place Green Adam Smith (Championship) (1)
Champs 2006: Manitoba 1st Place White Rickard Hedlund (Championship) (2)
Champs 2006: Lousianan 1st Place White Blue Mike Laviolette (Championship) (0)
Champs 2006: Arkansas 1st Place White Black Green Brian King (Championship) (2)
Champs 2006: Missouri 1st Place Blue Zac Moore (Championship) (1)
Champs 2006: Iowa 1st Place Blue Brandon Scheel (Championship) (3)
Champs 2006: Minnesota 1st Place White Blue Ben Rislove (Championship) (1)
Champs 2006: Ontario 1st Place Blue Red David Felske (Championship) (1)
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