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Speedy Gonzales (mexican weenie) (UR8 IR8), by RPG Junky      (60 cards)

Deck Info
Created: 10/10/2005
Updated: 11/8/2005
Colors: White Red Green

Intended Format: Standard
Vintage: Legal
Block: Not Legal
Standard: Not Legal
Extended: Not Legal
MTGO Open: Legal
MTGO Vinta: Legal
MTGO Exten: Legal
MTGO Stand: Not Legal
MTGO Block: Not Legal
Legacy: Legal
Modern: Not Legal

Deck Cost: $214.84*
Sideboard: $12.72*
Total Cost: $227.56*

Average Ratings
Deck Tools
4 View Picture Birds of Paradise Buy
4 View Picture Boros Swiftblade Buy
2 View Picture Isamaru, Hound of Konda Buy
4 View Picture Lantern Kami Buy
3 View Picture Skyknight Legionnaire Buy
4 View Picture Watchwolf Buy

4 View Picture Char Buy
4 View Picture Lightning Helix Buy
2 View Picture Might of Oaks Buy

4 View Picture Moldervine Cloak Buy

3 View Picture Umezawa's Jitte Buy

4 View Picture Battlefield Forge Buy
4 View Picture Brushland Buy
1 View Picture Eiganjo Castle Buy
1 View Picture Mountain Buy
1 View Picture Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers Buy
3 View Picture Plains Buy
4 View Picture Sacred Foundry Buy
4 View Picture Temple Garden Buy

Sideboard     (15 cards)
4 View Picture Hand of Honor Buy
4 View Picture Naturalize Buy
4 View Picture Faith's Fetters Buy
3 View Picture Suppression Field Buy

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I know that birds arnt really a weenie creature, but they have more than earned there spot in the deck for the time being

Dont Suggest Savanah Lions or glorious anthem, that are not nessisary/good for this deck! Thank you!

This deck is insanly fast and very suicidal in the amound of pain it will deal itself from its pains/deul lands. So be careful when playing against other weenie decks and burn NOT to do urself to much damage
Play the deck differently based on what removal your opponent has, if they have alot of targeted removal, play out multiple creatures so they can only get rid of some, and spread out the jittes and cloaks to minimise the effectivness of removal. Against mass removal load up just a few creatures with cloak for a very fast recovery as ull still hav some more creatures waiting in your hand

Basically this deck brings the beats, and brings them very quickly
Watchwolf Buy: 3/3 for 2, sign me up
Lantern Kami BuySuntail Hawk Buy: Bring the early beats
Isamaru, Hound of Konda Buy: Brings bigger early beats
Birds of Paradise Buy: a not so aggressive one drop, but it can be pumped and helps for some crazy 2nd and 3rd turn plays (may or may not remain in the decklist)
Boros Swiflblade: This decks mvp, with all the pump and jittes its quite silly

Char Buy Takes down most threats and hits strait for the head
Shock Buy 1 mana instant, can get the last damage through or burn a pesky blocker
Lightning Helix Buy Deal some damage and regain back some of that life you lost to you lands

Umezawa's Jitte Buy: Pretty good card from what ive heard :D even more game winning on a double striker
Might of Oaks Buy: Savage tech, pretty much spells game when its cast, specially on the 3rd turn with help of birds :D
Moldervine Cloak Buy More tech, all your creatures just became alot more threatening, if your opp wastes a char on 4/4 lanternkami, dredge it back and make another :D

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