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Made u Blink ===>R8-4R8<===, by the fandango      (62 cards)

Deck Info
Created: 2/9/2012
Updated: 5/8/2013
Colors: White Blue Green

Intended Format: Casual/Fun
Vintage: Legal
Block: Not Legal
Standard: Not Legal
Extended: Not Legal
MTGO Open: Not Legal
MTGO Vinta: Not Legal
MTGO Exten: Not Legal
MTGO Stand: Not Legal
MTGO Block: Not Legal
Legacy: Not Legal
Modern: Not Legal

Deck Cost: $336.12*
Sideboard: $47.74*
Total Cost: $383.86*

Average Ratings
Deck Tools
1 View Picture Acidic Slime Buy
1 View Picture Augury Owl Buy
2 View Picture Coiling Oracle Buy
1 View Picture Eternal Witness Buy
1 View Picture Hornet Queen Buy
1 View Picture Lavinia of the Tenth Buy
2 View Picture Mistmeadow Witch Buy
1 View Picture Mulldrifter Buy
4 View Picture Noble Hierarch Buy
1 View Picture Progenitor Mimic Buy
1 View Picture Reveillark Buy
1 View Picture Seedborn Muse Buy
1 View Picture Sin Collector Buy
1 View Picture Stonehorn Dignitary Buy
1 View Picture Sylvan Ranger Buy
1 View Picture Venser, Shaper Savant Buy

1 View Picture Enlightened Tutor Buy
4 View Picture Momentary Blink Buy
4 View Picture Remand Buy

2 View Picture Curse of Exhaustion Buy
3 View Picture Survival of the Fittest Buy

4 View Picture Isochron Scepter Buy
1 View Picture Sol Ring Buy

6 View Picture Forest Buy
5 View Picture Island Buy
1 View Picture Karakas Buy
4 View Picture Plains Buy
4 View Picture Seaside Citadel Buy

2 View Picture Venser, the Sojourner Buy

Sideboard     (15 cards)
1 View Picture Duplicant Buy
1 View Picture Inquisitor Exarch Buy
2 View Picture Meddling Mage Buy
1 View Picture Phyrexian Revoker Buy
1 View Picture Seht's Tiger Buy
1 View Picture Thragtusk Buy
4 View Picture Seedtime Buy
4 View Picture Chill Buy

What's a Sideboard?

How it Works

control the game with blink...

card logic:

Momentary Blink Buy, Mistmeadow Witch Buy, Venser, the Sojourner Buy: the primary cards of the deck. blink on a stick is the best option since u get yur creature back right away. witch is versitile- easily fetchted with survival and recurrable with lark and can, in a pinch, lock out yur opponent's creatures. venser is solid but slow. his other abilities pwn in this build- especially the last one. in the late game, u can totally obliterate yur opponent's field using the emblem and a blinking slime/savant. having an unblockable swarm is good too.

Survival of the Fittest Buy: the card that powers this deck. dump goodies into the grave and then rucurr as needed. this enchantment allows me to run singletons of potent creatures w/o being random, thus allowing me to run a large ammount of varied threats granting me the ability to decide how i want to play my opponent (and how i want him to play).

Curse of Exhaustion Buy: easily one of the best control cards ever printed. Arcane Laboratory Buy looks pretty shitty now. curse + recurring permisson = enemies. this deck may only include 3 permission spells (remand, snake, savant) and 2 copies of curse, but if u r focussing solely on this particular prison, u can have it up and running consistantly by turn 5-6 (sometimes sooner).

Isochron Scepter Buy: bomb. best used with blink- but remand or recall is also a good one. best way to blink sumthin imo since it untaps with muse out and only needs 2 mana of any color.

Reveillark Buy: powerhouse. THE creature u want out with survial and a blinker. yur first recurring targets should be muse and slime/savant. once lark hits the field it's all downhill for yur opponent. u definately want to protect the lark, but u can win w/o it- it's just harder.

Seedborn Muse Buy: basically lets u have extra turns in this deck. amazing synergy with the curse prison and awesome all around. definately a card u want out early.

Mystic Snake Buy, Venser, Shaper Savant Buy, Acidic Slime Buy: the primary control elements of the deck. slime and savant do wonders with multiple blinkers out. snake is king of pwnage with curse out (though i usually use venser).

Stonehorn Dignitary Buy: very potent control piece. stops aggro cold until they can kill it, then u recurr with lark and keep em down.

Eternal Witness Buy: the saving grace. allows u to use up spells u should be saving and really lets u abuse tutor and recall. also huge when lark has been downed. witness protection has saved my ass in several games.

Hornet Queen Buy: tokens up the ass. and not just any tokens, flying deathtouching insects! important card for stalling swarmers or round tables. with this deck in full swing, u can generate 16+ insects per turn cycle.

Mulldrifter Buy, Sylvan Ranger Buy, Coiling Oracle Buy, Augury Owl Buy: card advantage. oracle and owl r great early plays that double as good targets for early blinking. ranger isn't as potent as the other three, but color fixing is useful, so only 1 (good survial target when setting up). owl hurries u thru the deck to get unfetchables like venser and blinks. drifter is a good play in the mid game (evoke then recurr).

Noble Hierarch Buy: used over birds becuz of exhalted. it makes a difference.

Remand Buy: better option than Counterspell Buy or Mana Leak Buy in this build. leak is useless most of the time late game and counterspell is too mana intensive. remand's biggest trick is that it destroys tempo by tempting yur opponent into trying to play the spell again next turn (instead of playing the next spell on the curve)- so it basically becomes a timewalk in the early-mid game. remand on a stick is quite infuriating; especially with a curse on yur opponent. remand also combos well with a snake in yur hand since yur opponent will usually try to play the most important spell first so they can recast it if gets remanded (then u hard counter with the snake). cantrip is awesome too.

Karakas Buy: legend specific bouncer. emergency plan if yur blinkers r missing. allows u to use savant up to twice a turn. pretty decent if u have savant and muse. also able to target yur opponent's legendary creatures.

Duplicant Buy: awesome spot remover. gets rid of pesky things like emrakul then let's me kick yur teeth in with my version. as per design, recurrable with lark.

Thragtusk Buy: double punishment. life gain + 3/3 = goodness. a smart choice in round tables. sb becuz it isn't larkable.

Inquisitor Exarch Buy: helps u recover from early damage and can be used as alternate win condition when yur unable to attack (it happens).

Meddling Mage Buy, Phyrexian Revoker Buy: fetchable recurrable answers to specific problems. can be blinked to name new cards at will.

Seht's Tiger Buy: would be maindecked, but it can't be larked. powerful ability that screws all sorts of deck schemes (like combo). is also good for shedding nasty curses and letting yur opponent's attack thru when u need yur creatures to live.

u rate, i rate. promise.

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