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 Thread TitleForumPosted ByRepliesLast Post
Essential Magic Version 6, Haste - User SurveyGeneral Discussion (Off-Topic)jerry25/23/2015 1:53:11 AM
what happens?Rules Questionsfrandy1915/21/2015 4:16:51 AM
 The "F*ck You, Strider" Thread (1,2...41,42)General Discussion (Off-Topic)J-n-L6155/21/2015 1:41:27 AM
 MTG Novels QuestionsGeneral Magic Disc. & StrategyJ-n-L05/19/2015 10:35:49 PM
Just passing through... (1,2,3,4)General Discussion (Off-Topic)Strider455/19/2015 10:33:26 PM
Create a Broken Card (1,2...8,9)Card IdeasMagDragon1205/19/2015 3:38:10 AM
 The Synergy Page (1,2...10,11)General Magic Disc. & StrategyCry_Havoc1625/18/2015 8:11:20 PM
 spellweaver helixRules QuestionsbeastlybigG15/16/2015 1:35:55 PM
return permanentRules Questionsblktemplar35/15/2015 5:56:50 PM
There seems to be a Problem with DragonsGeneral Magic Disc. & StrategySparhawk7525/13/2015 5:04:21 AM
 ajani's presenceRules Questionsfrandy1935/8/2015 3:56:46 PM
 SorceryRules QuestionsPshel35/6/2015 8:24:08 PM
 battle stackRules Questionsfrandy1935/6/2015 6:12:35 AM
 HeroicRules Questionsfrandy1955/4/2015 4:11:19 PM
 Charbelcher targetsRules QuestionsRaider35/3/2015 4:47:46 PM
 rewindRules Questionsfrandy1925/1/2015 5:44:43 PM
Fate Reforged & C14 IssueGeneral Magic Disc. & StrategyC5r1a5z0y04/29/2015 6:58:25 PM
 Ordeal questionsRules Questionsfrandy1964/24/2015 2:51:19 AM
 wrath of godRules Questionsfrandy1924/24/2015 12:35:02 AM
 double strike and trampleRules Questionsfrandy1924/23/2015 8:10:54 AM
Act of TreasonRules Questionsforsher4314/23/2015 1:58:34 AM
 conjurer's closetRules QuestionsDeepthunder14/19/2015 1:17:19 AM
 Aura EnchantmentRules QuestionsPshel14/18/2015 2:50:03 PM
 Oath and Dragon's BreathRules QuestionsOrgasmatron14/18/2015 3:31:47 AM
 exploitRules Questionsfrandy1914/16/2015 10:58:18 PM
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