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 Thread TitleForumPosted ByRepliesLast Post
Create a card and rate the one above you! (1,2...459,460)Card IdeasCanadian689110/8/2015 5:52:46 PM
Create a Broken Card (1,2...8,9)Card IdeasMagDragon12710/8/2015 9:47:13 AM
 UpdatesGeneral Magic Disc. & StrategyAzrael25110/8/2015 4:23:03 AM
 how to delete accountGeneral Discussion (Off-Topic)pace310/7/2015 10:57:25 PM
Normally I don't post, but..General Discussion (Off-Topic)Grimmer310/1/2015 4:40:06 AM
swamp enchanted with nylea's presence - mana in mana pool?Rules Questionsforsher4319/30/2015 11:00:37 PM
Essential Magic Version 6, Haste - User SurveyGeneral Discussion (Off-Topic)jerry109/30/2015 12:33:31 AM
 Worm Harvest (WURMZ) Deck HelpRed_X_19/28/2015 12:03:14 PM
 The "F*ck You, Strider" Thread (1,2...41,42)General Discussion (Off-Topic)J-n-L6189/24/2015 10:29:43 PM
Planeswalker SparkGeneral Magic Disc. & StrategyMiloXyunto29/24/2015 1:06:59 PM
 Cards with no casting costRules Questionsjohn142039/23/2015 12:14:17 PM
Center SoulGeneral Magic Disc. & StrategyJimTilson19/22/2015 2:38:48 PM
 Double StrokeRules QuestionsMountain Goat19/19/2015 11:08:26 PM
Impact Tremors rulesRules QuestionsMiloXyunto39/15/2015 7:46:26 PM
 New Intended Tournament Format and Deck CategoryGeneral Magic Disc. & StrategyMinigiant09/10/2015 5:54:30 PM
 Can I imprint instants on isochron scepter with cards that cost more than 2 if an arcane melee is ouRules Questionsmattdsmith8729/10/2015 12:10:53 AM
 Help with sliver legacyDeck HelpGR3yZy19/9/2015 3:09:44 PM
Vigor and Izzet Staticaster with deathtouchRules Questionsforsher4319/3/2015 6:07:19 PM
 New eldrazi.Rules Questionstalldarkandgrusome19/3/2015 1:10:41 AM
Mask of the mimicRules QuestionsMagestoneMagus78/25/2015 7:33:25 PM
 "Large"LoopRules QuestionsPshel28/25/2015 8:48:59 AM
 MTG Novels QuestionsGeneral Magic Disc. & StrategyJ-n-L18/23/2015 11:37:06 PM
image posting testTest ForumMagestoneMagus28/23/2015 5:58:33 PM
MTG themed drinking glasses?General Magic Disc. & Strategysamersduckling08/23/2015 1:27:00 PM
 rules question on Tutelage and static g/y exile effectsRules Questionssimondiamond201228/23/2015 7:53:02 AM
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