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 Thread TitleForumPosted ByRepliesLast Post
Card UpdateGeneral Magic Disc. & Strategyghostfire8619/29/2016 6:00:35 PM
Eldritch Moon Update (1,2)General Magic Disc. & Strategyjerry179/23/2016 6:49:23 PM
 Looking for HomelandsTrading ForumAtalya09/16/2016 8:55:11 PM
Selling 75% of collection. Great Collection for those that love Classic MTGTrading ForumValorsDream09/12/2016 3:58:08 AM
ProliferateRules QuestionsPshel29/7/2016 5:20:30 AM
 "Manaplasm"Rules QuestionsPshel18/28/2016 6:25:44 PM
Double-striking creature equipped with sword of feast and famine deals combat damage Rules Questionsforsher4318/25/2016 12:56:16 AM
Tomorrow, azami's familiar card out and I play divinationRules Questionsforsher4318/25/2016 12:46:57 AM
 Duress and an empty hand Rules QuestionsBrittishAnger18/20/2016 5:05:58 PM
Create a card and rate the one above you! (1,2...460,461)Card IdeasCanadian69008/15/2016 8:53:14 AM
 Large LoopRules QuestionsPshel18/14/2016 6:07:51 AM
Activate ability of tree of perdition and neg out tree's toughness to zeroRules Questionsforsher4318/12/2016 11:12:37 PM
Multi-player game, attack with brimaz, King of orezkosRules Questionsforsher4318/12/2016 11:00:59 PM
 Protect CreaturesGeneral Magic Disc. & StrategyPshel28/10/2016 8:21:48 AM
Eldritch moon Collective WillGeneral Magic Disc. & Strategyforsher4317/31/2016 5:52:31 PM
 Scourge of Nel Toth & Prized AmalgamRules Questionsmorphius17/31/2016 12:43:37 PM
 Black Suns zenithRules QuestionsMountain Goat27/27/2016 6:43:21 PM
 Graveyard OrderRules QuestionsPshel27/23/2016 9:24:31 PM
Encode a cipher card- devotion drops commander no longer a creature does ciphered card still stay onRules Questionsforsher4317/22/2016 3:30:23 AM
 Oath of the GatewatchGeneral Magic Disc. & StrategyHexyl87/19/2016 4:11:08 AM
Guardian of TazeemRules QuestionsMountain Goat16/24/2016 8:02:58 PM
 DiscardRules QuestionsPshel16/18/2016 8:01:38 PM
Cost for casting kolaghan the storm's fury from my command zone Rules Questionsforsher4326/16/2016 9:26:29 PM
 The Synergy Page (1,2...11,12)General Magic Disc. & StrategyCry_Havoc1666/8/2016 6:38:01 PM
Bant Investigation T2Deck HelpMagestoneMagus06/4/2016 12:33:41 PM
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