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Joined: 1/5/2015

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How to start a collection 1/5/2015 4:27:43 AM

Hello all I am new here and to mtg. And I have decided to give it a go but have only 1 edh and 1 modern deck of my own I would always borrow a deck and use it. So lately I asked the local card store the best way to get cards. I love drafting, modern and edh play... He said to try 1st Craigslist 2nd ebay mtg lots or collections 3rd win tournaments. I Have Seen A Few Prices Of CAR And There Is No Way My Wife WILL Let Me Speed $400 On 2-3 Tarmogoyf etc.

Plz help thanks


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Joined: 7/24/2011

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RE: How to start a collection 1/6/2015 1:25:44 PM

Depends on what you want out of the game.

When I started playing, the tourney scene wasn't that big, it was mostly casual games with friends and brothers. So we would all just put in some money and split a box. Most places give you a deal if you buy an entire box versus buying a pack at a time.


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