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Gaea's blessing 3/12/2019 4:45:58 PM

Would Gaea's Blessing Buy trigger the reshuffle from a Genesis Wave Buy


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RE: Gaea's blessing 3/13/2019 1:12:32 AM

The triggered ability on Gaea's Blessing Buy will indeed trigger if it's among the cards revealed by Genesis Wave Buy.

In practice, players will physically separate the top X cards from their library for effects like Genesis Wave Buy. However, none of those cards are actually changing zones as far as the game is concerned. The effect simply reveals what they are; we as players are limited to certain physical methods on how to achieve that.

All that said, Gaea's Blessing Buy is still in the library while revealed, and then it's put directly into the graveyard, triggering its last ability.

Quoting CompRules:701.15b Revealing a card doesn’t cause it to leave the zone it’s in

Comprehensive Rules --- Gatherer --- Tournament Rules


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