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Sphinx's tutelage 9/28/2019 2:59:40 AM

Ok, I need a rules reference please. A friend and I are debating what happens when you are forced to draw multiple cards at once. If a player has Sphinx's Tutelage Buy on the field and is forced to draw 10 cards with Blue Sun's Zenith Buy,would tutelage trigger once or for each card drawn


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RE: Sphinx's tutelage 9/28/2019 3:25:29 AM

Sphinx's Tutelage Buy will trigger for each card draw, resulting in ten triggers.

When a player in instructed to draw X cards, that player performs X individual draws (121.2). The triggered ability of Sphinx's Tutelage Buy is looking for its controller to "draw a card." Since you will "draw a card" ten times, it will trigger ten times as a result.

Ignore the rest of this post if you're not interested in a somewhat noodly corner-case:

In most situations, "Draw X cards," is functionally identical to "Draw a card," repeated X times. However, there are some specific cases where there is a distinction. I feel like there are more cases (apparently my Gatherer-fu is rusty), but in particular, an ability like the replacement effect on Alms Collector would be applied to "Draw two cards," but not to an ability that tells you to "Draw a card, then draw another card [...]." In this case, there is a difference between drawing multiple cards and drawing a card multiple times.
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