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The deck is highly original for a zombie deck and looks pretty solid. I have some comments though. I assume you run green mainly for the deeds, but zombies can be built to very effectively take care of aggro/swarm maindeck, rendering the deeds less necessary. Try running a few more lords instead of deed and see how it turns out. The best ones available (that you are not already using) are lord of the undead and shared triumph. Llanowar deads are easily replaced by the much stronger tidehollow sculler. Cutting green also would let you run more utility lands, like wasteland maindeck -either to replace or accompany sinkhole. Green/black duals could be replaced by fetches to give you a more stable manabase.

I´d also try cutting the curve a little, by removing spiritmongers and probably balthors for some 1cc zombies. Sarcomancy is great. So is carnophage and carrion feeder. Festering goblin is good if your meta calls for it. Atleast consider it for the sideboard.
Posted By Krokkett
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