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One of the Most Underappreciated Things About Magic

by EODLuigi

    Hello folks.  I wanted to do an article on this site ever since the addition of the article column, however I had some trouble picking a topic to write on that would be worth a read from everyone interested in the game.  I finally decided after racking my brain for a few days to try and discuss one of the most underappreciated things in the game of Magic – The artwork on the cards.

    Most of you were probably like me in the sense that I never really thought to pay much attention to the pictures on the cards and what they might mean or how they relate to what the card does.  My level of interest increased greatly when I recently sat down and talked with one of my favorite artists, Greg Staples.  I took the opportunity to pick his brain a little bit on how he comes up with ideas.  

    Let me begin with saying that I had the unique opportunity to meet Greg Staples at the pre-release for Dissention in London, England.  After finding out he was going to be there I took some of my favorite cards to get signed by the artist himself.  I am aware that this is a common occurrence for most of the big events around the world.  The question is though, have you really ever wondered where those images came from?  I know that I hadn’t really thought about it until then.  

    While I was sorting through my cards that Greg had illustrated I stumbled upon a card that most players are familiar with – Mahamotti Djinn.  This card was reprinted as most of you know in 9th edition with, what in my opinion, is one heck of an illustration.  When you take the time to look at the illustration you cannot help but notice Mr. Djinn looks like one dude you would certainly not mess with.  The card itself may not be the be all end all of cards but the picture speaks differently.  

    As the tournament was winding down I noticed that Greg was not busy with signings or sketches at the time so I approached the man himself.  I of course introduced myself and expressed my admiration of his work.  He was very receptive so I thought to ask a few questions.  I started with asking him if he played Magic himself.  This might sound like a stupid question but I was shocked when he said that he did not in fact play.  This of course led me to thinking about how he gets his ideas then.  He explained to me that he had a very basic knowledge of how the game was played and some of the effects the cards themselves had on the game.  

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