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So many decks how do you chose?

by pltangl

    With so many decks out there today, how do you chose the deck for you? Well let's think about that one for just a second! What goes into our deck choices we make, because there are many factors we need to consider, so let's go over some basics in our choices. 1 What cards do we have and if we don't have certain cards are there good substitutes we can use for the missing cards. Cause let's face it we don't all have the best cards out there to use , and we all know the cards make the deck . 2 What style of player are you, and are you good at playing other styles of decks, just because you like control does not mean you have to play control. 3 What kind of meta game do you have in your area, this is very important! If you know what you’re playing against most of the time then you'll be better prepared to beat it.

    Let's go over the first point together we all know that if we are playing say a white black deck , and we don't have those 4 Wrath of God we want in there we can always use Damnation , that's pretty simple right . Let's say we don't have 4 Tarmogoyf  , that’s a another story , how do you replace the best creature wizards has ever turned out , you can't  . We all know there is no real substitute for him, but that don't mean that you can’t. I have found myself having to use trolls many times for the goyf, is it the same no but you do what you have to. Many of my friends have had to substitute cards many times and so have I, so don't be afraid of giving it a try, you may even catch some people off guard.

    Now about point 2, what kind of style do you have, I personally after years of play have went to the dark side as they say and I play control. I love having total control over the game and what my opponent can do each turn, but I like many people hate playing against control. Then there is aggro which I believe is the most fun to play, dropping creatures so fast they can't do anything about it no matter how many counters they have in there hand. For beginners I suggest aggro, it can be easier to play, but not always, so don't get me wrong. I do believe it is easier for a beginner to build that style of deck though and I think most beginners start off building there decks in this style. There is also combo decks, these can win a game so fast that your opponent won't see it coming till it's too late. If you’re a beginner go look at the new Dragonstorm deck that took the world championship by storm. It may look like a simple burn deck but it is way more than just that and will win in 4 to 5 turn if left unchecked. Those are just a small few of the styles of play , there are so many more and they all can be combined into different decks , so just mess around till you find your thing.

    Now to my final point the meta game, this can be the difference between winning and losing a match, if you go into a game having no clue what styles the people in your area play then your two steps behind everyone else and that's not good. If you know the styles people play then you can base your deck choices around what will give you a leg up on the field you'll face. Then you have areas like my mine where the meta game changes from day to day, but you can always count on people playing there style 50 to 60 % of the time, that may not be a lot but it will give you a clue as to what they may be playing. If your deck choice can shack up meta game a little then people will always go back to there old trusty decks , so they don't get caught off guard to many times , cause nobody wants to be unprepared for what they will face in there local FNM . These are just three of the many many things that go in to your deck choice, and I hope that if any beginners out there, this has helped you out just a little. Remember play what ever you want and have fun doing it. Never let someone tell you your deck sucks and you should not play it, but be open for any advice you can get no matter how long you have been playing, it only helps in the end. Well I hope you enjoyed my first attempt at writing, I hope it is not my last signing off.


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